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What do your symptoms say about your health? 

Do you feel that your child’s symptoms are dismissed as normal because of their diagnosis? OR perhaps the terrible twos are taking the blame?


Tummy aches, sleep issues, irritability, lack of focus and inappropriate behaviours are never normal.


Your child’s body is trying to tell you something is off balance.


Welcome to Positive Health Space, a place for parents to get support and learn about how to help their children thrive.

Together we help your child become more resilient, achieve better focus, improve their social ability, have less pain, enjoy more foods and have sustained and focused energy and better mood.

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Three Common Mistakes When Going Gluten Free!

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Should You Test Your Child’s DNA?

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“When we first started working with Daniela, my son who is autistic, was hardly eating anything. He was almost grey in color with no appetite. Within a month he was eating all kinds of vegetables and is now actually interested in different types of food – his gut health is so much better and he is such a happy child. She is a life saver!”



When I first started working with Daniela I had some hesitations, I wasn’t sure it would work initially, but now I am confident we are on the right track.  My son has become more aware, he asks questions and is invested in his health. I felt Daniela understood both my feelings and needs as well as those of my son.  She was able to communicate with him in a way he could understand and kept him involved and motivated. I loved the feedback, ease of communication and access to a messaging platform when we had questions in between sessions.  I would recommend Daniela’s services to any parent in need support with their children’s food choices or suspecting food allergies/intolerances.

Bodour, UAE


My teenage daughter has started to work with Daniela after suffering from years of gut problems. Within the first few months she has already started to feel better, have less ‘flare ups’, and sleep better. The advice and protocols Daniela gives are always carefully tailored to her needs and never overwhelming. Daniela’s calm and sensitive approach means that my daughter is able to speak freely with her and listens and respects the suggestions given. Daniela is so responsive and if either I or my daughter have any queries between sessions Daniela always gets back to us quickly.

Clare, UK


During my consultation today.. I felt at so much ease as you gave me that sense of you are not alone and we will work together. You showed that side of care that was reassuring and exactly what I needed to feel after trying to figure this all out for almost a year now. You helped me set goals and gave me a clearer picture of where and how to start and what to look for. In just a short time you provided me not only information as to what brings on symptoms but you taught me things that I hadn’t known before. You even provided me with a healthier version of almond milk. Truly an eye opener session and so excited to start and knowing very well that the outcome will be in my daughter’s favor. I cannot thank you enough for being there and setting a clearer direction for me to take with my daughter.

Mais, UAE


Since identifying potential problem areas, in addition to removing inflammatory foods, he has gradually emerged from his fog and is calmer, sleeps through the night, and is catching up (and in some areas even getting ahead) at school. We understand that it’s a long path to recovery, and we do struggle with flare-ups from time to time, but with the strategies and long-term support put in place by Daniela, we feel much more equipped to help him. We’re so thankful that we’re getting our sweet boy back, and his future suddenly seems full of happiness and potential again! Our only wish is that we had met Daniela sooner!   
Abbey + Lukas, UK


I loved Daniela’s tailored approach, her simple explanations and providing supporting information to every suggestion.  She takes the realities of our life into account and can relate to the overwhelm of supporting a sick child whilst juggling full time work and parenting a young family.  She has always been honest and realistic, managing our expectations and reminding us of the importance of small steps.

I would recommend Daniela’s help to other parents looking to improve their child’s health and wellness.  Because it is minefield and can be overwhelming to know where to start, and navigate alone.

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